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Computerized Order Entry Verification (COEV)
Click Versions - Click on an error to see if you found the mistake.

Verify Order: Percocet 5/325 Tablet, for Stanley M. Bontrager

Verify Order: Calan SR 240 mg, for Don Q. Wright

Verify Order: Cephalexin 500 mg Capsule, for Lily M. Hanson

Verify Order: Lanoxin 125 mcg Tablet, for Bob O. Sykes

Verify Order: Lisinopril 20 mg Tablet, for Richard T. Hanson

Verify Order: Nolvadex 10 mg Tablet, for Roberta Roberts

Verify Order: Norvasc 5 mg, for John Morgan

Verify Order: Zoloft 50 mg Tablet, for Charles O. Elder

Verify Order: Zovirax 200 mg Capsule, for Janet T. Jones
Written Versions - Write down all errors and show to an instructor for grading.

Verify Order: Lortab 5, for Edward M. Miller

Verify Order: Glucotrol XL 2.5 mg Tablet, for Hilda R. Morgan